It’s Aliiive! …Again! For real this time!

Angelfreak Entertainment continues to find ways to cling to life.  We’ve shut the beast down so many times that it’s starting to feel like a trend, but somehow it keeps coming back.  In the last couple of months since we made the final AFE announcement, the support given to us was astounding.  Our fans wouldn’t stop until we picked ourselves up and tried again.  So that’s exactly what we’re doing.  Creating new life in this old monster.  We’ll go Herbert West on Angelfreak Entertainment and make it work this time!

To start the rebuilding process, we’ll be resurrecting New GenesisSyndergy: Setback, and Semitywood as our primary projects for 2014.  New episodes of The Swurls Show will continue to be outlined and written, but there are no guarantees that any will be filmed until 2015 at the earliest.

To announce a few projects that we have no desire to bring back, there will be no future installments of GameplayIndie Reviews, and we no longer wish to push d.ILLUSION.ill into production.

A new crew will be put together to get things in motion.  A new year, a new crew, this will hopefully be our recipe for success.  Wish us luck!

Oh, and we won’t give up this time.  Seriously.  We promise.  It’s the truth.  We’re not quitters anymore.

A new horror series to debut in 2014!

Angelfreak Entertainment is currently preparing a new web series for horror fans. The new series, currently being called New Genesis, will re-imagine iconic horror villains in a way that only the minds behind Angelfreak Entertainment could bring to life. Each character will have a story arc spanning one to two seasons and there are currently five seasons planned. Each season will contain six episodes, each being thirty minutes in length. Filming on the first season is expected to begin in November or December with the first episode premiering sometime in 2014.

Season one, which carries the full title New Genesis: Haddonfield, will be Angelfreak Entertainment’s take on Michael Myers as he tears through the peaceful community of Haddonfield following his departure from Smith’s Grove. Horror fans can translate that sentence perfectly. Season one will feature well-known characters such as Dr. Loomis and Laurie Strode, but don’t just look for these characters. References to future seasons and other horror properties in general will be present throughout the entire run of the series.

We’ll keep you updated on New Genesis as it develops. Until then, which characters would you like to see us tackle in future seasons?

We’re Moving!

We wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we’re changing locations – something we’ve been trying to accomplish for a very long time.  Our updates will be slow for the next month or two, but we’ll return with some exciting new treats for everyone including the start of the first fully-formed season of The Swurls Show – a web series in the style of early serials with each season containing twelve episodes.  It’s a new concept and we hope that the first season delivers some great fun so that Swurls can continue into a season two.

We can’t wait to get back to work!  Until then…

We Called Him Dad

On Father’s Day of 2012, four souls received the phone call that no one wants to get.  On a day when we celebrate having our fathers in our lives, ours was taken from us.

Those reading this post know me as K. Patrick Carpenter – co-founder of Angelfreak Entertainment and aspiring, albeit struggling, artist.  But that “K” in my name stands for more than just an initial to separate me from the rest of the Patricks in the world.  That “K” stands for “Kevin”, the name my father passed to me from his own.  Kevin Carpenter was more than just another face in a crowd.  He was a talented artist, a unique man, and the one who gave me the knowledge and tools to build Angelfreak Entertainment.  Few saw that side of him.  Reputation rules a person’s image with an iron fist.  But there was another side to this man that we want to show the world.

We Called Him Dad is a very personal project.  From the perspective of his children, we want to tell the true story of Kevin Carpenter.  The biographical documentary will unravel the life and legacy of our dad through interviews with his closest family and friends, as well as visits to places he lived, visited, or held otherwise important memories from.

This project is as personal as it gets.  Myself and my siblings will be embracing the memory of our father as we struggling through tears and grief to show the world that Kevin Carpenter wasn’t just another person that you may pass on the street.  He was our dad, and he was a great man.

You can visit the official page for the film by clicking here, and you can also visit the official Facebook page by clicking here.

Thank you for your support and we will keep you updated on this project as more information is available.

- K. Patrick Carpenter

Independent Media Productions